Trick Or Treat and… Ted?

Yes, I know it’s July.


This is a cool little restaurant right in the middle of Roppongi (the happening night life part of Tokyo) which is decorated rather like a horror show.  There are candle chandeliers hanging from a black ceiling, dark wood furniture and some horror film characters set about.

These were some celebrity’s signatures I guess, I didn’t really stop to look long enough to see who… can you tell?
Horror movies n the Critter…some Rob Zombie up top
They had a Tim Burton corner











My husband thought he could talk smack to a dark knight.
This was our table, before we sat down, The Exorcist head was pretty real looking.. as possessed children go.
We couldn’t figure out why but were glad to see Ted was there.











It was pretty fun, the wait staff were all dressed up in black and had white makeup with dark eyes.  The food and drink menu was ok, nothing spectacular there, in fact I would say the food was not that good but the atmosphere was fun so it was worth going.

This was a fun spot to have a farewell dinner for a friend heading back to the states.

Sayonara Lara-san

3 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat and… Ted?

  1. The Japanese are odd about things, but in a good way. I am sort of jealous you get to live there, but mainly over the fact that you can go and see tea gardens, which I have a funny obsession for.

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