Thursday Shenanigans

I woke up yesterday in a pretty darn good mood.  Had a funny conversation with a great friend who always makes me laugh and brightens my day – *cough*Shirley*cough* then was off to start my work day.  Walking to work was amazing, the cool crisp Autumn air was uplifting and I smiled all the way (10 minute walk) to work.

I absolutely LOVE my schedule and am very thankful that we are in a financial position comfortable enough for me to stay part time.  My work day starts at 9:30 am and the people I work with are funny, kind, thoughtful and just all around nice people.

We work with families all day, most of which consist of small children.  They are funny to watch and crack me up a lot with their antics.  Some times however, we get a screecher, a screamer, a bully who challenges me to rise above my initial reaction which is often to cover my ears and hide under the desk until it’s over.  We had one of these yesterday and I had to intervene, this small child was completely obnoxious.  I was happy when 3:00 pm came around and I could leave.

Went to the gym, first time in about 3 weeks due to not feeling well and typhoon.  Had a hard workout, hard mostly because I was out of shape again so only did 10 minutes on the bike and 30 on the elliptical.  Prior to my break I was up to 20 minutes on the bike, need to get back to that and go harder too.  You see I have a goal to lose 5 lbs before the end of the month.  I set this goal at the end of September, little did I know I would be sick and not working out half the month.  So, I have about 2 weeks now to achieve my goal.  Can I do it?  You better believe it!

Busted my butt working out and stepped outside to walk home and it was still awesomely cool out!  I’m loving this weather!  Exhausted and ears still slightly ringing with the high pitched screecher from earlier I walked down the corridor to our front door and was greeted by this:


20131018_073034What?  What is this ghostly bag doing here … suspicious, very cautiously and with some growing enthusiasm I picked it up and went inside with it.  I couldn’t wait and dug in right away.  The explanation greeted me first:


Ah!  Shenanigans!  Apparently, a neighbor dropped this at our door with intent!



What else is in this bag!?







A fun sign to hang on the door for Halloween to let families know if we are participating in Trick or Treating with candy.  Nice

Ghost Peeps!  Diabolical!  Who did this to me?  Do they not know my absolute LOVE affair with Peeps and that I absolutely should NOT eat them.  Pure sugar those are!  I am diabetic!   Surely, if I eat just a little at a time and over several days I should live through this scary deliciousness.

M&M’s another love of mine and one I shouldn’t indulge in.   Who knows me so well but cast such things at my feet knowing or perhaps not knowing that I should NOT eat these?!?


Sugar cookie shaped like an acorn.  Interesting and a love of my husband’s.  He likes sugar cookies so much he gets the sugar cookie flavored egg nog during the holidays and drinks it as if it’s saving his life somehow.


Is someone secretly plotting my demise?  Or was it just a nice gesture by someone who doesn’t know me very well yet?  I do not know.

I shall stop at the store today to pick up a few things to make the 3 bags to drop forward, per the note.  If I survive the Peeps and M&M’s that will likely be devoured for breakfast.

Happy Autumn to everyone, I hope you have fun this season with ghostly shenanigans (if you celebrate the holiday in some way), warm sweaters, boots and blankets to keep the chill off.






9 thoughts on “Thursday Shenanigans

    1. Sure! I always appreciate a little motivation when it comes to exercise. Specially from a pro bicyclist like you. That candy will take me a month to eat, just because I have to do it in small amounts.

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