Leaving On A (Private) Jet Plane

A group of us were heading out on a trip, destination unknown but somehow known at the same time.

My friend Kelly announced her friend was offering up his private jet and pilot for us!  How very cool, I’ve never flown a private jet before!


Odd, there were other people on the plane, one guy from our grocery store and some others I didn’t recognize but kinda did.

Was killing time chatting with friends when I realized I didn’t know private jet borrowing protocol and asked Kelly if it was appropriate to tip the pilot in this instance.  (I didn’t want to be rude by not doing it if others were)  She said yes, tipping is common and very appreciated.  Then she suggested $8.00 would be plenty.   That’s an odd number but ok.

Oops better check my wallet and make sure I have it on me.  I snuck a look and yep, there’s a $10 in there.  Phew!

I decided this was a great selfie moment so posed a few times with the awesome interior of the jet in the background.  It was well appointed.  Then realized the background was the bedroom and Kelly and her guy were in the bed!  Oops! Let’s turn and find a better spot. haha

jet plane bed

Getting ready to land, the grocery guy was getting nervous about something, then started asking everyone if they’ve seen his cell phone.

He started to panic.


We landed.

Everyone started exiting the plane and I asked grocery guy if he found his phone, yep… had it the whole time, he’s just an over-reactor.

Arrived in the airport and realized after all that I had forgotten to tip the pilot.


And then I woke up.

Cooking Challenge Reality Show

I was in a cooking competition with about 10 people, split into two groups.  The kitchen for each was set up on either side of a counter and each side had a celebrity chef assisting.  Emeril and Robert Irvine.

Emeril robertirvine

At first I thought I was going to Emeril’s side but secretly hoped for Robert’s.  Then in a crazy turn I ended up with Robert.  He had prepped a fish and meat dish that we just had to add our own dishes to make a meal with options.

Robert was so nice, he showed me what he made and where it was in the ovens then he took a back seat, per the rules.  He couldn’t help anymore.

We cooked, prepared other dishes.

It was 5 minutes till the end of our time so I checked the fish and meat…Oh No!  It had not cooked, I didn’t realize Chef Irvine had not turned the ovens on, he just prepped the food!!!  This was going to end us, we failed…because I didn’t realize the ovens weren’t on in the beginning.  There was no way they would cook in time.  We were going to serve raw fish (not sushi grade) and raw beef fillet which had been seared but was still blue inside.

Chef Irvine had his look of disbelief and actual pity.  The team was mortified.


Then I woke up…

Did I Mention Vampires?

My clan, living in a large multi-level medieval type almost mansion, with portraits adorning many of the walls.  Portraits of lineage as well as landscapes lining the walk up the majestic staircase, one painting in particular stands out, one of the clansmen is the artist.  He is a very important character and for some reason the neighboring, unfriendly, clan wants him to themselves.


This night they decide to infiltrate the great walls of our home and sanctuary.  Madness and chaos ensues.  Vampire against vampire battles commence.  Odd blood is spilt, it isn’t the natural red of human blood, but a darker, older red.  Blood of the ages.

After what seems like only seconds but likely hours have passed, stillness returns to the house.  He storms in, looks to the staircase and howls in outrage, anger and pain.  They have taken his painting, his masterpiece.

I can’t help but wonder, what is so important about that painting.

And then I woke up.

As usual I have linked the photo to the site I borrowed it from.