A Dog, A Mom and A Prom

We had an awesome dog in my childhood.  Phydoux (our alternative spelling for Fido) was energetic and happy, had soft curly but not kinky hair and a super cute face.  He was a poodle/terrier mix so I had little idea that I was allergic to dogs until being around other ones more as an adult.  He used to dig under the fence to the backyard and go exploring now and then.  A couple of nights ago I watched him go under the gate for an adventure but he had a different energy about him.  It was like he was charged up and glowing a bit.  He knew I was keeping an eye on him and likely would follow and didn’t mind it.  We walked a bit then he turned off the sidewalk into a never-ending field, glanced back at me with his kind and slightly mischievous eyes then strolled off into the wild ever after.  I felt peaceful and happy he shared his journey with me.  He was a good dog and he knew he was going on his forever walk.

A little while later my Mama was relaxing at home and looking pretty glowy and calm.  I glanced in her living room where she sits to knit or read in her little chair and she looked at me with kindness and a sort of wisdom about her.

Last night was an awards type of event where everyone dressed up like prom night and looked like we were all 17 again.  One of the teachers from school (or was it an old colleague/friend from Tennessee, I’m not sure which) made a late appearance and was using a cane to walk up.  Everyone cheered and clapped for him, he had saved the day earlier and was wounded doing so but he got dressed up and showed up just the same.

… and then I woke up.


Phydoux went on his forever walk many years ago.

My Mama looked at me like she was maybe going to say something but didn’t.

I have no idea what the big event was but it was not prom and we weren’t 17 but for some reason the older gentleman who I can’t quite place was a big deal.  He stopped something terrible from happening and survived it.


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