Alton Brown Guest Star

It was a holiday celebration at my parent’s house but it wasn’t any house I’ve seen before.  It had a breakfast bar with stools and a dining area.  A lot of people were around; children, brother, adults, teenagers, and …

Alton Brown.  Yes, I said it.  Mr. Brown was a guest and he seemed well impressed with the spread my mother put out.  He was pleasant and nodded a lot in his certain way with a half smirk.

alton smirk alton-brown_s4x3

Way to go Mom!  An Alton Brown approved dinner!  The only hiccup was that nobody made more coffee so I had to scrounge for some after the meal.

Then, the doorbell rang.  Who could that be?  Everyone invited was there.  Hmm, off I went to the front door with I thought was in a different place then it was but I eventually found it.  Some creepy looking guy was stalking the outside porch area and approached me with a greasy look,

kinda like this:


I turned back and shut the door behind me.  He lingered there for a bit but I returned to the kitchen.

and then I woke up.

Peyton Is So Possessive Of Me

I was upper management at a fast food restaurant that Peyton Manning owned and the place next door was owned by Eli Manning and another big Football Player I can’t quite place but was awe struck when I was over there with my friend Dineen.  We were just chatting with the guy and he gave me a big bear hug as I was leaving, then he hugged my friend.  We passed Eli on the way out the door and got a big hug from him too.  These were hugs that demanded our legs wrapped around their waists type.

peyton vs eli

I said my byes to Dineen who jumped in her big red truck and drove off then went back to my restaurant and started messing with the blonde manager on duty who was really new and not quite running things perfectly yet, she was beautiful and very serious about her job.

serious blonde

Peyton walked around the corner and I couldn’t be in the room and not tease that I had just gotten big hugs from the other player and Eli next door and Peyton’s face started getting red and I could almost see steam coming out of his ears.


The blonde manager got pissed at me and started chasing me around the back of the restaurant.

Like this but wearing a business suit not a bathing suit and not carrying a life saving floaty thingy  oh and there were no reporters or much of a crowd:

I was laughing myself silly.

Then I woke up.


If you didn’t know, I am a very long time Denver Bronco fan, since about 1985,  who is incredibly disappointed in her team right now.

A Precursor That Never Was

The funeral home was set up more like a church than the one I actually went to.  It had a main hall with pews for sitting and at the front was an altar of sorts to receive prayers, a table to sign the book and off to the left was another room where everything was being set up.  This room was being used for mass and the doors were closed.  I knew that after mass they would be preparing the room for us.  I had arrived very early, prior to the rest of the family, went to the book and noted quite a list growing already, so I moved forward to find a pew to scoot down.

It was quiet, peaceful and respectful with some very faint and far off whispers, not voices I could hear but mouths forming words.  I couldn’t actually hear anything.  I noted to myself that nobody here was recognizable to me, how odd.  Some seemed to recognize me though, I caught the sorrow and pity in their eyes.  After a bit I stood and walked to the back by the book again and glanced to see if any names stood out, none did.  I looked around a bit then to the left doors and wondered when mass would be ending and the funeral and all of the mayhem that followed would begin.

Then, I woke up.

I laid there wondering why my mind manifested such a moment.  The reality was almost the exact opposite.

About A Kite

I had a dream this morning but all I remember is watching a young boy run trying to fly a kite, it was a 3d kite not one of the flat kind.  I was trying to give helpful tips.

That is all.

If Red Dawn Merged with Battle: Los Angeles

I have decided to start posting my dreams, they can be rather odd and entertaining…I think.  Most of my dreams are in a short movie style or perhaps movie trailer style and I usually see them first person, as me in the dream.  I don’t see myself usually unless I’m dreaming about how I specifically look in it.

The following is what I dreamt this morning just before waking up:

I was in a school – seemed like high school but we felt a bit older –  and there was a big attack on the city and school.

battle laMy graduating class decided as a group to pack all we could into our hiking size backpacks (that we had for some reason on us) and escape East, out of California. The alpha girl who was organizing it all clashed with my real friend in California, Emma,  who didn’t want to be led by anyone so I went to try to convince her it was better and safer to be in a group.

red dawn

I was the last to pack my stuff so the group went on ahead, Emma and I said we’d catch up to them overnight.


We decided since we were behind anyway that we’d run by our parents’ homes to say goodbyes then walk all night to catch up. We went to mine first and told my parents and brothers what was happening, they gave me a few things to take as family heirlooms and we hunted down the small camping tent, shoved as much as we could in our backpacks and made our way to the door to head to Emma’s parent’s home.

Then I woke up.


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