Friendship Map

I have always had an itch for adventure, specifically moving to new places.  Learning a new town, reinventing myself a little each time.  It makes self awareness and becoming the person I want to be easier because every time I move I can make a change.  Humans tend to settle in when they settle down … Continue reading Friendship Map

Trust In Myself

Trust is a strange thing. Trusting that someone is being honest with the words they say and actions they perform. For most of my life it seems I do not have trust in people in general.  This is likely a personal issue within myself, I find doubt that someone is being honest, upfront, genuine and … Continue reading Trust In Myself

Relationship Expert = Bullshit Artist

We (the Husband and I) were in a kind of social/relationship building group and we were out in town doing like a field trip kinda thing.  We each had to create an imaginary person to use to discuss each other (for some reason).  Mine's name was Olivia. So, one lady and I were chatting and … Continue reading Relationship Expert = Bullshit Artist

If Red Dawn Merged with Battle: Los Angeles

I have decided to start posting my dreams, they can be rather odd and entertaining...I think.  Most of my dreams are in a short movie style or perhaps movie trailer style and I usually see them first person, as me in the dream.  I don't see myself usually unless I'm dreaming about how I specifically … Continue reading If Red Dawn Merged with Battle: Los Angeles

Should I Care If You Choose To Not Pay Your Bills?

Someone I know admitted recently they have over $100,000 in hospital bills and does not intend to pay them.  This is an actual situation but I'm curious about it in a wider spectrum in the political and  healthcare arenas.  How does it effect us as a nation, as a financial structure as I'm sure this … Continue reading Should I Care If You Choose To Not Pay Your Bills?