Relationship Expert = Bullshit Artist

We (the Husband and I) were in a kind of social/relationship building group and we were out in town doing like a field trip kinda thing.  We each had to create an imaginary person to use to discuss each other (for some reason).  Mine’s name was Olivia.


So, one lady and I were chatting and seemed to get along well (she resembled an acquaintance I have here on base, another Ombudsman named Emma) and she mentioned getting together outside the group, maybe on Sunday.  I thought for a moment to think if we had any plans on Sunday and turned to the Husband, asking him if we were free and he nodded.  So I said Yes sure, would like that.


Next we were talking with the woman who ran the group and “Emma-like-person” told her that we were getting together Sunday.  She responded by starting to rip me to shreds saying Olivia (I)  was going to fail at the friendship.  I said what? Why would you say that?? (my hackles raised)  She said she was watching our interaction and since I paused after “Emma-like-person” put the invitation out there, that Olivia was not going to be a good friend.  I could not believe what I was hearing!  Olivia is a very nice person and a good friend to have!  (creating Olivia made me speak in 3rd person)   A couple of people jumped in to Olivia’s defense saying they thought I’d be fine and was a lovely person and Olivia would make a very good friend.


While this was going on I had started window shopping behind the lady/group leader, checking out the ornate bar stools, we could use a couple.


Then I woke up.


All photos have their source attached.

9 thoughts on “Relationship Expert = Bullshit Artist

  1. Haha I think this would be a really great way for me and my boyfriend to have serious conversations. We always have what he refers to as “nice fights” where neither of us gets all that angry. Maybe we should employ third person fictional characters and just describe their feelings…

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