Leaving On A (Private) Jet Plane

A group of us were heading out on a trip, destination unknown but somehow known at the same time. My friend Kelly announced her friend was offering up his private jet and pilot for us!  How very cool, I've never flown a private jet before! Odd, there were other people on the plane, one guy … Continue reading Leaving On A (Private) Jet Plane

Cooking Challenge Reality Show

I was in a cooking competition with about 10 people, split into two groups.  The kitchen for each was set up on either side of a counter and each side had a celebrity chef assisting.  Emeril and Robert Irvine. At first I thought I was going to Emeril's side but secretly hoped for Robert's.  Then … Continue reading Cooking Challenge Reality Show

Did I Mention Vampires?

My clan, living in a large multi-level medieval type almost mansion, with portraits adorning many of the walls.  Portraits of lineage as well as landscapes lining the walk up the majestic staircase, one painting in particular stands out, one of the clansmen is the artist.  He is a very important character and for some reason … Continue reading Did I Mention Vampires?

Peyton Is So Possessive Of Me

I was upper management at a fast food restaurant that Peyton Manning owned and the place next door was owned by Eli Manning and another big Football Player I can't quite place but was awe struck when I was over there with my friend Dineen.  We were just chatting with the guy and he gave … Continue reading Peyton Is So Possessive Of Me

Relationship Expert = Bullshit Artist

We (the Husband and I) were in a kind of social/relationship building group and we were out in town doing like a field trip kinda thing.  We each had to create an imaginary person to use to discuss each other (for some reason).  Mine's name was Olivia. So, one lady and I were chatting and … Continue reading Relationship Expert = Bullshit Artist

Celebrities and a Nazi Doctor

There I was on my wedding day but it wasn't the wedding I actually had, this time we were having a huge wedding at some big artsy building, and when I say huge I mean there were people standing in line down the block to get in and the building could have held Congress.   … Continue reading Celebrities and a Nazi Doctor