Plane To Knowhere

I look around to locate my husband, he’s on his way over and it puts a smile on my face.  My friend and former boyfriend is there on the group trip with us and adding to the fun atmosphere, as usual.  Nothing awkward here at all and that is so nice.  We are given seats at a table where we are given some native food to try, no idea what it is but I seem to enjoy it.

Kind of like this, but fun.

Chiba group trip - party10

The next step is a craft room, but we have to wait for a bit so just chatting with the ex while the husband is wandering around.  Both men are in a really casually good mood, this will be a great trip.  The ex leans over and says he’s glad to see me happy and is thankful for the time we had years ago.  I think, what a nice thing to say.

We are ushered in to the craft room and sat at small round tables with things on them.  An instructor is explaining what we have to do and how it should look when we are finished.  We are to recreate a scene he has completed.  Ok, no problem… oh wait…I have zero artistic ability, this could be bad.  I pull out a long smooth piece of clay and a face on a piece of thin paper.  We are to put the paper on the clay…like a fake tattoo I guess.  Wait there’s no water…ok read the instructions.  Oh there’s another thing to use, make sure to grab the tiny black wand and start applying it to the paper with the face on it onto the clay doll.

Kinda like these but not religiousy and the faces were a stamp, so not like these at all really.



Then I woke up.

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