Did I Mention Vampires?

My clan, living in a large multi-level medieval type almost mansion, with portraits adorning many of the walls.  Portraits of lineage as well as landscapes lining the walk up the majestic staircase, one painting in particular stands out, one of the clansmen is the artist.  He is a very important character and for some reason the neighboring, unfriendly, clan wants him to themselves.


This night they decide to infiltrate the great walls of our home and sanctuary.  Madness and chaos ensues.  Vampire against vampire battles commence.  Odd blood is spilt, it isn’t the natural red of human blood, but a darker, older red.  Blood of the ages.

After what seems like only seconds but likely hours have passed, stillness returns to the house.  He storms in, looks to the staircase and howls in outrage, anger and pain.  They have taken his painting, his masterpiece.

I can’t help but wonder, what is so important about that painting.

And then I woke up.

As usual I have linked the photo to the site I borrowed it from.

3 thoughts on “Did I Mention Vampires?

  1. I love vampires, as you know. Go back to sleep, please and finish this…in my mind his fangs have been extended and there is a battle brewing. Go. To. Bed.

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