Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 3

Ok … the cold is almost gone and I managed to go to work today and keep an appointment in town after work, so things are getting back on track.

Today I walked from work to my appointment (about 30 minutes) and back, stopping at the hospital for a prescription refill, then the husband caught me as I entered the apartment asking if I wanted to go to dinner, so we walked to dinner.  Granted dinner wasn’t far, only a 10 minute walk but it’s more exercise today then I have done since last Monday.  Oh and it was a healthy dinner, Mongolian BBQ which is basically stir fry with sauces of my choosing.  Don’t mind the Miller Lite, it was time for a beer!

So, I’m feeling pretty good.  Getting back in the groove, though still a little sniffly and coughing but getting there.

Tomorrow I fully intend to do an easy workout at the gym after work, then walk to an Ombudsman meeting in the evening.  Should be a full day, hopefully won’t tire me out too much.

I had a thought all day today and think I will implement it.  I want to start fixing salads for work and have the perfect mason jar for it.  Will work on putting this into action.  I want to cut more carbs out of my diet and working on smaller portions as well.

Back in the game!

Oh, a nice thing happened to me today.  A lady I work with said I looked really pretty today, and indicated my face/makeup.  🙂  So,  that was awesome!  I had spent a little extra time on my face this morning knowing I was still a little sick, so that paid off.

3 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 3

  1. Amazing resilience! Way to go my friend!!! Keep on keeping on! I’m proud of your accomplishments! I bring lunch every day. In order to keep in the groove, I prepare it before I do the dinner dishes. This ensures I make my lunch because I can’t go to bed with anything in the sink!!! Motivation and reminders are all necessary in my world!!!

    1. I really need to adopt that mindset…no dishes left before bed. It’s a habit I want to create. Meanwhile there are dishes waiting this morning. Lol. I tend to wait till there is a full load to wash and need to stop that. Now that I am over the cold, this is going back into action.

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