Peyton Is So Possessive Of Me

I was upper management at a fast food restaurant that Peyton Manning owned and the place next door was owned by Eli Manning and another big Football Player I can’t quite place but was awe struck when I was over there with my friend Dineen.  We were just chatting with the guy and he gave me a big bear hug as I was leaving, then he hugged my friend.  We passed Eli on the way out the door and got a big hug from him too.  These were hugs that demanded our legs wrapped around their waists type.

peyton vs eli

I said my byes to Dineen who jumped in her big red truck and drove off then went back to my restaurant and started messing with the blonde manager on duty who was really new and not quite running things perfectly yet, she was beautiful and very serious about her job.

serious blonde

Peyton walked around the corner and I couldn’t be in the room and not tease that I had just gotten big hugs from the other player and Eli next door and Peyton’s face started getting red and I could almost see steam coming out of his ears.


The blonde manager got pissed at me and started chasing me around the back of the restaurant.

Like this but wearing a business suit not a bathing suit and not carrying a life saving floaty thingy  oh and there were no reporters or much of a crowd:

I was laughing myself silly.

Then I woke up.


If you didn’t know, I am a very long time Denver Bronco fan, since about 1985,  who is incredibly disappointed in her team right now.

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