Snack Attack 2014 and A Theme Restaurant in Tokyo

It has been a while since I posted about the snacks I have picked up to try.  I will backtrack a bit to share some of the new things I have tried over the last couple of months.

This is Salmon  Head Bento


It is soooo delicious!  I only eat a bit of the rice because of the diabetes but the salmon is amazingly fatty juicy and lovely.  We order bento for lunch once a week or so at work and if possible this is what I get.  They only have a few per day so we have to order early to get one.

So good!



20140126_164559 20140126_165440 20140126_165434









The husband and I made our way to Delicious – an Indian Curry restaurant not far from base.  I had tried this once last year and finally got him in there to have some mutton curry.  It was amazing as usual!  The stuffed naan was nice too, it was a crushed bean type stuffing.  We will be going back again soon!





We picked up desert from 7/11.  I got the custard cups, kind of like flan.  The husband got a strawberry cannoli that he really loved.  Oh I had to share, they have these super cute desert spoons they put in the bag when checking out.  Awesome right?

20140126_211931 20140126_211956















20140118_23384820140118_233859 Back to the snacking, the Truffle & Butter are pretty good, I picked those up again since trying them.

The stuffed tomato looking one was not bad, mild flavored.







This tasted like chocolate to me but like cocoa powder, not sweet.  Was quite good.






At 7/11 they also have deli type lunches you can grab and go.  They will also heat them up for you while checking out if you wish.  I had to try this one, Mac and Cheese!


And oh wow am I so glad I did!

Yum!  and there’s spinach so it’s healthy right?









Well that wraps up this session of food Japanese style.

Oh but wait!  My two favorite girls and I went out on the town a couple of weeks ago and decided to jump on the train to Tokyo to find one of the theme restaurants.  We decided on The Lock Up.  It’s designed to look like a jail and to scare people, come to find out.


We descended to the entry which was pitch black and had to kind of inch our way along, then a sensor was tripped and it became a bit like a haunted house with scenes lighting up and sounds to scare you.  It was pretty funny.  We went in and were shown to our cell, which we had to duck in to and got comfy around our little table.

girls night out 20140201_182543

We ordered a drink and an appetizer each.  The drinks were made to be creepy looking:

20140201_183202 20140201_183614

In the first, those are supposed to look like eyeballs, not quite.  haha  looked like boobies to me.


The gyoza was swimming in tomato sauce, to look like blood I suppose.   The pizza shaped like a cross.





While having fun chatting and snacking, they started turning the lights off then the black light behind us turned on and Rob Zombie started playing loud on the speakers.  There were staff dressed up going up and down the walkway rattling the cage doors and coming in to scare us.  It was really fun.


After this we went to hunt down actual dinner, The Lock Out food isn’t great but the appetizers were ok.  We found a cute little place that was decorated Pirate themed, so we just kicked back there.  I had a shrimp salad that was pretty good.  One of my friends ordered the below pasta dish that was delivered with a barely cooked egg in the middle and for some reason there were potato chips instead of garlic bread (I suppose).  It was interesting.


She had already delicately moved the egg off the plate.

There you have my latest shenanigans, food related.

Next time we are planning to do the Vampire Cafe’.



*just edited to correct a word*

3 thoughts on “Snack Attack 2014 and A Theme Restaurant in Tokyo

  1. OOOOOOKAY I am totally distracted from all the yummy snacks by the fact that your husband looks EXACTLY like my 3rd brother in that photo!!! I mean, I immediately rammed my face at the screen because I was like “Donyek?!?!” Only difference is my brother is blonde. So weird!!!! I’m going to have to find a photo where he’s making that facial expression and then put the two of them together. weeeeird!

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