My Valentine Story

1987 – Some Kind of Wonderful came out in the movie theaters.


Instantly, it was my life’s dream to have a pair of diamond stud earrings.  Somehow this just seemed like a far away goal that would never really happen but in my teenage head I had hopes.  As I got older the little dream took a back seat as it became apparent that I was not likely to get married, ever.  Honestly, being single was fun, being in committed relationships were fun and there was no pressure.  I was making a living but certainly was not making big money, not enough to buy diamonds for myself.


2013 – Not so subtle hints begin about wanting studs, not thinking it would ever happen though.  The hints were mostly done jokingly.

2014 – Valentine’s Day I woke up and went to my computer desk, there was a small jeweler bag.  Suspicious.  The husband came in and I gave him his bag of stuff I picked up, just little things from in town.  I opened my bag and the little box sat in my hand.  I said, “but I already have a ring”.  He laughed and said “yep you do”.

Slowly opened the box and there sat a set of .5 carat diamond stud earrings blinking at me.

My studs


My husband fulfilled a dream from 1987 that never went away.

That Is Love.  Not that he spent so much money on me, on jewelry.  The fulfillment of practically a life long dream.  We worked hard last year to pay off our debt so we could do things like this but with our list of places to go and things to do while overseas it never occurred to me to do the diamonds.  Thank you husband!

3 thoughts on “My Valentine Story

    1. Thanks, it was a really big surprise. He bought them at the Navy Exchange but they didn’t give him papers for the diamonds so we went yesterday to ask if they had the papers, they did just for some reason didn’t give them them to him when he purchased. Idiots. Anyway, come to find out they are .75 carat each not .5!

      Win for me!!

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