10 Things I Love About Living In Japan

I've noticed a lot of bloggers doing lists recently..favorite things, things they hate, things that bother, etc.  So, I thought why not jump on that bandwagon with my own list of things. We have lived in Japan just over a year now and are stilling loving it completely so I will give a list of … Continue reading 10 Things I Love About Living In Japan

The Day That Changed My Life

"That's it!  I don't want any more serious relationships, I'm going to just have fun from now on.  I'm tired of it all. " My new internet buddy just scoffed at my words on Yahoo Messenger and said "yeh right, we'll see".  Then he said, "hey what are you doing this coming weekend?  I'm having … Continue reading The Day That Changed My Life

My Valentine Story

1987 - Some Kind of Wonderful came out in the movie theaters. Instantly, it was my life's dream to have a pair of diamond stud earrings.  Somehow this just seemed like a far away goal that would never really happen but in my teenage head I had hopes.  As I got older the little dream … Continue reading My Valentine Story

50 Candles

Place:  U.S. Naval Base, Yokosuka, Japan - Time:  Approximately 2100  (9:00 pm) Incident: Taxi Driver Fails Breathalizer Test, occupants of cab fall into laughing fit. It was just a base taxi, the ones that drive people around base.  We had just left the command holiday party, all of us with a couple of drinks in … Continue reading 50 Candles

Tapped Out of Inspiration

The well feels dry... for commenting on other blogs and even on posting on my own. Life is still happening, things are going well, having fun in Japan and enjoying my husband immensely.  No immediate complaints really.  Sure, there are things in the reserves that still pick at my nerves regarding my family mostly but … Continue reading Tapped Out of Inspiration