Memories and Cravings

So recently I've been thinking about, remembering and craving my mother's ... (pause for effect) Peach Cobbler! Like this but probably better because...well ... she made it! This was not just your every day cobbler.  It was EPIC!  Big pan, Big slices of peaches and BIG yummy baked dough.  It was often a Sunday morning … Continue reading Memories and Cravings

Legendary Actors-Epic Characters

No matter the movie I always see Michael Keaton as Batman...well since he did the role that is. Val Kilmer is Doc Holiday. Gary Oldman is Dracula. Sally Field is Frog from Smokey and the Bandit. Harrison ford is Indiana Jones. Robin Williams is the wacky Professor of Dead Poets Society. I know there are … Continue reading Legendary Actors-Epic Characters

The Day That Changed My Life

"That's it!  I don't want any more serious relationships, I'm going to just have fun from now on.  I'm tired of it all. " My new internet buddy just scoffed at my words on Yahoo Messenger and said "yeh right, we'll see".  Then he said, "hey what are you doing this coming weekend?  I'm having … Continue reading The Day That Changed My Life