Fluffy’s Reign

When I was a child there was a myriad of stuffed animals in my room.  I had quite a few and a great variety.  There were different bear types and some dog types, (never really did cats)  and a nice big Papa Smurf even.  Oh I loved him and his soft white beard and happy eyes.  He was usually one of the stand outs in my imagination parties. You see, I had parties with my fluffy companions, not a cute tea party like most girls seem to dream up.  Mine were all out medieval galas.  Papa Smurf strutted his stuff as kind of the chief magistrate of sorts.  Oh yeh.

pap smurf

By far the absolute ruler of the stuffed kingdom of Diana’s Room was Fluffy, the light brown stuffed bear.  I honestly couldn’t tell you why he was so special but I guess some people stuffed animals just rise to royalty and power naturally.  Fluffy was adored by all the loyal subjects, even the Barbies and mini dinosaurs hailed him.  He was a fair and just king but he was a lonely one and he needed a lot of attention from me to keep him soft and happy.  My mother, the royal seamstress and tailor, even made a couple of outfits for him to wear and he felt so very special when receiving such gifts.  You see he was an ordinary type bear on the outside but there was a special air about him that couldn’t be denied.  In fact, few knew this but he had special compartments where we hid secret things from the ever idiotic spying younger brother that often tried to breach the walls of the kingdom.  Fluffy was aptly named as well, he was indeed fluffy, and not this overly stuffed, plush type that are out these days, he was just perfectly soft and cuddly.  His fur was just long enough to be brushed and had a nice shine to it.


This is not Fluffy, he looked a bit like this but not so small looking, had thicker legs and arms and definitely not stiff to be able to pose him.

Why don’t I have a photo?  Well honestly, that was circa 1980 and we were using actual cameras, there probably is a photo of him somewhere but I haven’t seen one and he was kidnapped when I was a teenager never to be seen from again.  I think he ended up like many of my stuffed animal friends, a gift to my younger brother’s current girlfriend.

Alas, his reign ended and no other took his place.  Papa Smurf deemed the kingdom should disperse and it was rather survival of the fittest soon after.  I had decided to pick and choose who would be staying and who was no longer to reside there.  Few made the cut.

Twas the end of a decade of power, for Diana’s Room had been conquered.



4 thoughts on “Fluffy’s Reign

    1. Not possible. You know the little chest of things you take with you from childhood? Those treasured items you can look through with your grandchildren, yeh he was supposed to be in that chest for me. Fluffy was awesome. Ah well, it’s a nice memory at least. 🙂

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