In The Works!

We have been planning a few things for the next several months that I’m super excited about!

1.  In October- the Boston concert!  A list exists (in my head) of about 10 bands that I would love to see live before they retire into old age oblivion and Boston is one of them.  Such an amazing mix of music which has been part of my growing up.  Need a reminder?

2.  In December – the Sarah Brightman concert!  A little more obscure she is more of an opera type vocalist, in fact she has recorded Phantom of the Opera.  Her voice is ethereal and her concerts tend to be very theatrical, I am super excited, it’s difficult to explain the feeling her music brings from me, she gives me goosebumps.  I have been craving to see her in concert since I discovered her many years ago.  She’s just beautiful and I kinda feel like she feeds my soul.  If you need an introduction:

On a side note, big kudos to the husband for taking it for the team for this concert, it’s pretty girly but he appreciates her theatrics and knows how much I want to go.


3.  We are still working on Christmas but are hoping to be going to Thailand for a few days.  Likely Phuket area – maybe Phi Phi Island.  Should be amazing.


4.  February – back to the states to visit my parents then off to Las Vegas to celebrate a great friend’s birthday and an early anniversary for us.


Hopefully I’m not violating any opsec rules by posting this, I’m just so excited for all of it!  Had to put it somewhere!

Just waiting for this nasty heat to give way to Autumn so I can enjoy the outdoors again.




 Is there a music group/band you really wish to see live before they no longer tour anymore?  Or one you regret not seeing and now can’t?





7 thoughts on “In The Works!

  1. Sounds great! And having things to look forward to will help you get through summer. We went to Phi Phi many years ago. Paradise.

    1. All by design 😉

      Who doesn’t love Phantom!? The soundtrack alone is ridiculous.

      Are you ever gonna make it to Graceland? I imagine that is on your Elvis-loving list of places to see.

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