Summer Concert Series Continues

We took a long weekend to Las Vegas as a kind of early birthday for me since my birthday weekend will be busy with other things. Arrived Wednesday afternoon, went shopping a bit Thursday and tried Sickies Garage for lunch we had spotted previously. We had very bad for you food that tasted pretty good … Continue reading Summer Concert Series Continues

Giada Wasn’t Having It

The husband and I were on a trip to Las Vegas and I had won a special lunch date with none other than Dolly Parton by submitting a letter explaining who I was and why I wanted to have a day with Dolly, that's right!  Dolly freaking Parton!  It was going to be amazing.  I brought … Continue reading Giada Wasn’t Having It

In The Works!

We have been planning a few things for the next several months that I'm super excited about! 1.  In October- the Boston concert!  A list exists (in my head) of about 10 bands that I would love to see live before they retire into old age oblivion and Boston is one of them.  Such an … Continue reading In The Works!