Summer Concert Series Continues

We took a long weekend to Las Vegas as a kind of early birthday for me since my birthday weekend will be busy with other things.

Arrived Wednesday afternoon, went shopping a bit Thursday and tried Sickies Garage for lunch we had spotted previously. We had very bad for you food that tasted pretty good and adult milk shakes which we both determined would have been better without the “adult” part. Don’t worry, I only had a little bit of mine – not exactly diabetic friendly.

Thursday night was the concert, held at the Brooklyn Bowl which is tucked down the kind of alley street between the strip and the High Roller ferris wheel. Unfortunately, the line for the door was right in the street and direct sunlight which…if you’ve ever been to Vegas in July/Aug is rather unpleasant. So.. we stood off to the side in the shade and watched everyone in line bake. They finally opened the doors and we all filed in, at least half of us did. The lobby area where all of the merch and bar is situated isn’t huge so they limit the amount of people in at a time which sucked for the people stuck behind the rope. Oddly, the concert hall doors weren’t open yet so we were all kind of stuck in the lobby till they opened like 30 min later and we were back in a line to go in. It was a strange setup.

The opening band, which is crazy because they hold their own in concerts but just tells how good the lineup was, was my favorite thrash band, Hatebreed. I was introduced to them at Ozzfest in Japan years ago and am a huge fan. They were awesome and a great opener. So much energy and yes the mosh pit was going hard and no I wasn’t in it. Those years are long gone for me.

Second up was one of my husband’s favorite bands, Black Label Society, and they brought it as usual!

The headliner was next and it’s a band from my teenage years that I’ve never seen live, unreal that they still belt it out and they give 100% on stage. This was their 40th anniversary tour. Anthrax was on top of their game and I’m just in awe that I could tick them off my back list of bands I wish I’d seen live.

Just awesome!

Friday night was my birthday dinner, the husband had reservations at Giada, we got dressed up and went to enjoy an amazing dinner that did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I didn’t get photo except for the dessert but we shared a meat and cheese board, then I had her Signature Lemon Spaghetti and I can’t remember what the dessert was called but it was divine. We shared a bottle of Italian wine and finished with a limoncello for the husband and amaro for me and just had a lovely time.

Saturday we met up with our daughter for afternoon tea to catch up and introduce her to proper tea, it was not up to English standards but it was a nice introduction and they didn’t rush us through which was nice.

Sunday was the drive home but we stopped in Mesquite to check out one of their casinos and have breakfast. That was a lesson learned and not to be repeated. Yikes.

It was a great mini vacation and I’m rather exhausted from it, not recovering from concerts quite like I used to.

That’s it for Summer concerts but we do have one coming up in September but I count that as Autumn!

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