Summer Concerts are Back!

Three concerts in the bag so far and they have all been absolutely epic. All bands are from my teen/early 20’s years of clubs, fond memories with my brother and friends having fun. These are all bands that I loved back in the 80’s/90’s and never got to see live…

Until Now!

Each had me screaming, dancing in one spot with the required jumping, bumping and at The Cult having to strong-arm people who think they are more important and can shove/sneak in front of me….they found out they are wrong. (I admit to tearing up a few times at each concert too, just emotional stuff to see these after such a long time and with so many memories involved)

The Cult – Words fail me. Seriously, I’m finding it hard to summarize this concert. In short, he sounded great, the band sounded great and it was a perfect start to getting us back to live shows.

Violent Femmes: Just epic, these guys more than any other remind me of clubbing nights with my brother. Still sound unbelievably amazing.

And finally the Goddess herself, Stevie Nicks: From Fleetwood Mac days to her solo career I have loved this woman’s voice, her look, her style, everything about her. She is my spirit animal, I think.

I can’t thank my husband enough for being on top of who is coming to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas this year and grabbing tickets.

Also a big shout out to the opening bands, artists for each. They were stellar.

More concerts lined up but you’ll have to wait to find out who.

2 thoughts on “Summer Concerts are Back!

  1. AWESOME!!! The VF’s are looking like old guys who are ready to hang it up at ten o’clock, however (LOL). My wife and I are in outdoor concert mode as well. Ravinia (North shore Chicago area) is an awesome venue where you hang out with friends out on the lawn, with food and wine and candles. We saw Steve Miller there a week ago (he’s better than he was 40 years ago, when I saw him last), a Chicago tribute band the next night, an ABBA tribute the next week, Foghat and seeing a Stones tribute this week.

    1. Yeh they all look old (and so do I) but dang they still sound amazing and their energy was good. Steve Miller would be awesome, I haven’t seen him.

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