Giada Wasn’t Having It

The husband and I were on a trip to Las Vegas and I had won a special lunch date with none other than Dolly Parton by submitting a letter explaining who I was and why I wanted to have a day with Dolly, that’s right!  Dolly freaking Parton!  It was going to be amazing.  I brought a super sparkly gown to wear even, knowing how dressy she gets for every single thing.


I was so excited that I fell asleep and missed the appointment.  Completely devastated when I woke up but I wasn’t going down without a fight.  The next day I put the dress on and went to the resort I knew she was staying at.  The receptionist asked if I had an appointment so I told her the situation.  She pulled up the letter I had submitted on her computer and printed it out then asked me to wait a moment.

A few minutes later a porter showed up and the receptionist asked if I knew how to drive a golf cart type buggy.  Not really but I’d figure it out.  The porter kindly drove me to what ended up being the spa portion of the resort and parked (badly, he bumped into a fancy cart that looked like Rambo would have drove it).  He walked me inside and went directly into the spa with no regard for the naked rich people sitting in it.  I was mortified, so was Giada De Laurentis.  She was naked and gorgeous but fuming mad at being disturbed and was yelling at the porter.  Yikes!  But can’t blame her on that eh.  I’d be pretty upset if I was in a private spa naked and ordinary people walked right in.


We made it through the spa to the other side where there were cabana rooms and he knocked on one.  A young woman opened the door and let us in.  Then Dolly Parton walked into the room with my letter in her hand.  Her face was kind and looked touched by what she read and asked me to sit with her.

It was an amazing day.




…and then I woke up.


Las Vegas photo from

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