November-December 2014 Adventures Part Two

Theme of this post:  Ups and Downs November 11th we got home from our trip to Kyoto and November 12th we were heading to the airport for a flight back to the states for a wedding in the husband's home town. Visiting his home town is always interesting.  It's a small town and we are … Continue reading November-December 2014 Adventures Part Two

In The Works!

We have been planning a few things for the next several months that I'm super excited about! 1.  In October- the Boston concert!  A list exists (in my head) of about 10 bands that I would love to see live before they retire into old age oblivion and Boston is one of them.  Such an … Continue reading In The Works!

Soft n Mushy

I am a fairly independent kind of woman.  However, I spent last year not working and not having my own money which made me feel completely strange and rather worthless even though my husband reassured me taking a break and getting healthy was well earned.  We got married and I dissolved my bank accounts, all … Continue reading Soft n Mushy