November-December 2014 Adventures Part Two

Theme of this post:  Ups and Downs

November 11th we got home from our trip to Kyoto and November 12th we were heading to the airport for a flight back to the states for a wedding in the husband’s home town.

Visiting his home town is always interesting.  It’s a small town and we are usually running around visiting different family and friends every day, hoping to get visits with his children in as well.  Normally, rather hectic and always on-the-go.

This visit was not different, but add in a wedding and death to the mix.  I think this is the timeline though it was a bit crazy and with the time difference and jet lag it’s a bit jumbled in my head.

Nov 13:  We spent our first night with his dad.  Got word from my mom and dad that my aunt is in the hospital and failing.

Nov 14:  Next morning drove out to the husband’s mom’s and spent the night (she lives about 45 minutes into the country/woods) without being able to check in with my parents because there is no internet or cell phone service out there.

Nov 15:  Drove back to town, dropped some boxes to the post office then checked into a hotel.  Found out aunt is on morphine drip and no longer aware.  Picked up step-daughter and we drove to Lafayette to shop and grab a meal.  I wanted Mexican, it’s one thing we don’t get much of here in Japan.  There is Mexican food but it isn’t quite the same.   Drop of step-daughter, head back to hotel.  I didn’t feel tired and was sub-consciously waiting for a phone call I didn’t want to receive.  The call came around midnight.  Aunt passed away.  Husband did/said something stupid that pissed me off.  Passed out finally around 2:00 am.

Nov 16: Next morning have to get away for a bit, so walked across the highway to the little strip mall and did some zombied shopping.  Headed back and worked things out with husband, then grabbed lunch, got ready and off to wedding.

It was really cold!
It was really cold!







This was a country wedding which I have never experienced before, most of the men were wearing jeans.  It was a beautiful wedding and they did really great with decorating, her dress was very pretty and everything seemed to be going well (even the car alarm going off as the ceremony began was kinda charming).  It was difficult with my dad on my mind most of the time, he just lost his sister and I was now debating whether or not to extend my trip and fly to Arizona for a few days.  I would have to juggle some things and hope my boss wouldn’t mind me taking more time off then figure out another flight back.

deanadeana and chris

deana n chris







Nov 17: Decide to not extend and return to Japan with the husband.  Pack up and off on our long drive back to his dad’s house.  Then we got together with a friend that night, always fun to see her but tired now of not being prepared for people asking how my family is because of what had just happened.  We had a hotel close to the airport this night.

Nov 18: Very early shuttle to the airport and very long flight to Japan.  I will say, this flight was much better than the flight there.  This was Japan Airlines and they do it so much better than U.S. domestic airlines like American.  The food is better, the movies worked, we actually had the seats right behind the curtain to business class so we had extra leg room.  It was a very comfortable flight except that they tend to keep the cabin warmer than I like.

Nov 19: So glad I took this day off from work to recover, definitely needed it for this trip.


Next up…a concert that reduced me to tears.

2 thoughts on “November-December 2014 Adventures Part Two

  1. Your adventures always intrigue me. Although, I’m very sad to hear about your aunt! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts ❤

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