Death By Sponsor

Preparing for a long journey took all of two minutes for me.  I already knew the book I wanted to read on the way there and the book I wanted to read on the way home.  Two hour +/- bus ride to the airport, 12 hour +/- flight and I should have “Divergent” the first book completed then for the 12 +/- flight and two hour +/- bus ride home “Humor at the Speed of Life” by Ned Hickson should work and have me giggling to myself.

Sounds like a great plan right?  So, loaded up my Kindle with both books and out the door I went…with husband and bags of course.

I got 8 chapters into “Divergent” before pulling into the airport, shut it down and try to hold my anticipation for the rest of the book for a couple of hours until the flight.

30,000 feet, YES!  Grab the Kindle…On!


password page doesn’t look right…



What’s happening here?  That book sponsor scrolly thing the Kindle does when it’s not on isn’t going away …wait, it’s only 1/3 going away….this is bad.

Shake it… bang it on my hand…almost bang it on the seat back in front of me…look desperately at husband… Nooooooooo!

Husband is frustrated because the seat entertainment screen thingy isn’t pulling up movie options, the only one showing is “Frozen” on repeat.  What is this!!!?  What’s happening!  If that guy from most of Stephen King’s movies shows up I’m locking myself in the restroom.

david morse
David Morse = Scary Movie

Seat back in front of me slams backward almost hitting me as I’m trying to get the Kindle to respond…husband looks dumbfounded at the asshattery of the guy in front of me…then at me as tears start to well up and throat tightens.

What am I supposed to do for 12 hours husband?

As quietly as possible, right then I had a meltdown.

The Sponsor Ad killed my Kindle.

I won’t even go into the story of the Amazon idiot who sent me a “certified reburbished” Kindle as a replacement for a low price of $70+…cuz my warranty had expired.

*DEFEATED*  and waiting for my new-ish Kindle.

6 thoughts on “Death By Sponsor

  1. OMG that’s worse than a Stephen King movie! I’m about to go on a trip, I’ve got my books loaded, and my heart literally sunk when I read this. How did you cope?

    1. Word of advice, take a magazine or something as backup. I basically slept most of the flight, we were pretty tired from a trip to Kyoto just before this flight so I crashed out. Good Luck!

      1. I will definitely bring backup! I usually fall asleep, but then there’s those last few hours that I’ll likely be wide awake. Glad you were able to sleep, and I hope you get your Kindle replaced quickly.

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