Memories and Cravings

So recently I’ve been thinking about, remembering and craving my mother’s …

(pause for effect)

Peach Cobbler!

Like this but probably better because…well … she made it!


This was not just your every day cobbler.  It was EPIC!  Big pan, Big slices of peaches and BIG yummy baked dough.  It was often a Sunday morning breakfast or sometimes for Holiday breakfast and has good memories wrapped around it’s gooieness.

I fully recognize that there is nothing in that pan that is ok for me to eat with the diabetes but I can still appreciate having ate it as a child and hope that one day I will enjoy it again.  Ooie gooie lip smacking thanks to my mother for spoiling us with homemade, epic dishes.

It’s one of the motivators to kicking this diabetes crap.

Think I’ll need to request the recipe though, don’t want to trouble her to make it next time I visit (diabetes defeat pending of course) and not sure how long it will take for me to be healthy enough to enjoy a huge bowl of that awesomeness.

So Mama, if you read this and have some time to kill would you mind sending that over?


5 thoughts on “Memories and Cravings

  1. Now you’ve got me drooling, too. My ma made a killer cobbler. And apple crumble. and blueberry pie. Thank goodness it’s too hot to fire up the oven!

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