A Moment

All it takes is a moment such as today, June 20th.  One day.  There are a few of them each year, a few days spread throughout the year that reach up and grab me by the throat threatening to squeeze the life right out of me.

Every year it changes though, not so desperate or panic stricken, not stressful and morose anymore.  It has gradually morphed over the last eight years into quiet remembrance, a day of emotion yes, but not life threatening.  Now, this year, it has taken on a peaceful quality.  Love, memories, moments shared.  The acceptance of a future of moments apart but only on the physical plane.

His spirit I still feel now and then, when I need to feel him laughing with me or distracting me from things that shouldn’t matter as much as I’m making them out to.  That is who he still is.  My happy life distraction.  The one who made things fun and exciting.  He didn’t just drift through the day, he grabbed it by the throat but not squeezing, he tickled it and got every laugh he could before having to close his eyes.  Just his answering the phone and saying Hi! like I was exactly who he was hoping was calling.

The world, this physical world, is a better place for the life force he gave off for 31 years.

My brother and best friend.  I know if there is another plane you are residing now, you have them all in stitches and looking at bugs.

Happy Birthday Vince!


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