On A Positive Note

A little retail therapy this week produced a string of lighted clips that are displaying my bookmarks much better than the string and tape throw together I had them on previously. I have bookmarks from most of the places we traveled to while living in Europe - and one from Japan. I will organize this … Continue reading On A Positive Note

Unexpected Visitors

In the office yesterday a coworker called me into her office and asked if I smelled anything like cologne.  Nope, sure don't, why?  She had a very strong scent invade her desk area that reminded her of her Father who has passed on.  I said well he's just visiting you, enjoy it while it lasts.  … Continue reading Unexpected Visitors

The loop-d-loop

Amazing!  Happy!  Joyful!  Exuberant!  Energetic!  Healthier!  In-Love!  For the past year or so those have been the words I would use to describe my life.  Pretty darn good.  Everything came together finally, after 39 years of trying to figure this life thing out. The roller coaster heads for a loop.. Sad, Lonely, Fatigued, Quiet, Depressed, … Continue reading The loop-d-loop

Funeral Funk – The Aftermath

My very kind, funny and lovely Aunt Jennie is at rest...wait...somehow that doesn't seem to fit her.  She was a vivacious, outgoing woman who always had cookies ready in case anyone wanted to come visit.  I think she's likely cooking up a storm wherever she is and inviting everyone in. The funeral was nice, as … Continue reading Funeral Funk – The Aftermath