Never Bored

I was sharing yesterday about my four years in Italy in which I didn’t work and the other person said she couldn’t do that, she would be so bored.

Perhaps I am an oddity but those four years, and honestly my entire life, I can’t recall ever being bored. I have been unsatisfied at times and wishing I had more friends in person, being military and moving a lot makes that hard. But I have never been bored.

I have my hobbies, I love to read and I game a little. The housework, laundry, cooking and walking to the market every couple of days all kept me pretty occupied. I also snuck in an afternoon nap often.

Also, we traveled and I blogged it so I didn’t ever feel cabin fever really and enjoyed documenting our/my trips.

There is also my mind I suppose. I just enjoy my own company most of the time. Sure, I have days of grief and sadness when I don’t enjoy being me but those days certainly aren’t boring.

Am I odd that I don’t get bored?

If so, I’ll take it and its one thing I truly like about myself and embrace.

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