Art Perspective

I turned 49 this year and for the first time I am focusing on what my style is. Part of that has been honing in on what draws me without outside influence. My instinct has always been to soak in what others around me enjoy, it started with wanting to be like my brother when we were kids. He was fun and everyone liked him. He played soccer, so I played soccer; he liked an eclectic assortment of music so I did too, etc. Taking on hobbies and likes of those around me, often I would partake in things others did simply because I was enjoying spending time with them and sharing the experience.

That in itself is a wonderful thing that I’m not discounting, it led to some of the best times of my life with my brother and best friend and has created some wonderful relationships over the years. It has somewhat shaped who I have become, I just want to know what I enjoy on my own, what makes me .. me.

Unfortunately, it has also caused some harm because I took it to some extremes, like I started cracking my knuckles when I was a teenager because my brother did it and I’m staring down at likely having bad arthritis in my hands in the crone years. I wanted to be the best track runner and noticed most of the best happened to have a slight bow leg so I literally started leaning towards the outsides of my feet which has caused all kinds of issues which I’ve had physical therapy to try to fix.

So, here I am but who is that?

In starting the self discovery journey, I have been a bit more attentive to art and what type I am drawn to.

I found that I really like mixed media art.  Picked up my first piece in San Diego at the Art Walk and just added a 2nd from the same artist to hang with the 1st.

I hope to add more down the road. I just love the layers, textures and feels I get from them. I can’t fully articulate the feelings yet but it’s in the realm of calm and nostalgia.

It also feels good to support an artist and actually owning paintings, not prints of paintings. I’m growing up and stuff.

Art is by Veronica Hanson – if you want to see more of her work she’s on Instagram @_makesyoursoulhappy

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