November intentions

October is behind us and what a month it was! Many thing accomplished with the move and settling in but not much happened smoothly.

Just want to move forward now that we have crossed over to November.

What I would like to accomplish this month:

  • Computer fix must happen, or replacement. I’m done waiting, ABS please help a gamer girl out.
  • Get back to exercising 5 times per week, this cough has kept me from doing it but I don’t want to allow it to dictate anymore. I need cardio or my diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol will get worse and I had it very under control before this move.
  • Time outside. I want to work out a system that gets me outside and in the sun (if it’s out) at least for 15 min every day. Working from home and this cough has had me inside way too much. I need Vit D and outside air (I don’t say fresh air because air quality in SLC isn’t great).
  • Walk the backyard to see if the grass is suitable for bare feet. I want to connect with mother nature more and if I can at least get my feet in the grass before it goes away for the Winter would be great.
  • Get a package out for my Granddaughter’s advent calendar so her mom can get it ready for Dec 1.
  • Start preparing 2022 planner stuff, I have some things on order to get it going but I need to set goals, intentions and some plans of action to have ready for Yule.
  • Seems we are doing Holiday cards this year so we need to get those out in Nov.
  • Set and organize the house more, there’s still some to do and though we are stuck for some of it waiting for a deliver that backordered to Feb.
  • Might step away from social media some for the dark months.
  • Dive in to spiritual again, I haven’t done much since the move and that needs to change.

That’s a good start.

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