First 3 weeks

New rental, new job, new town.

We relocated three weeks ago and just about everything has had issues, it’s exhausting. Very few things went smoothly but I am thankful that nothing has been catastrophic. We have moved every 3 or 4 years together since 2003 with very few issues so I guess it was time for us have a problematic move. Add to that, the last week or so we have both been fighting a cold that has sat in our lungs and we are both trying to train at new jobs.

I am fortunate in being able to work from home and so far have not needed to be on the phone or video stream much. The husband has been putting in 10 hour days in a new office environment, I can’t imagine.

Since coming down with the cold (no it’s not covid – relax), I have slept in the guest room in an effort to not keep passing this back and forth and because both of us are coughing a lot.

So, basically I see my husband for about an hour at night to eat dinner then he heads off upstairs to prepare for the next day, and get into a Nyquil induced passing out for the night. I miss him even though he is here, we just don’t get much time together and when we do it’s at a distance.

I haven’t been able to exercise with this cough and feel my blood pressure rising a little every day, it might be in my head but I feel the real need to get healthy again before this turns into a bigger issue. If today goes as planned I will try to go for a short walk to at least get it started. The next few days should be nice weather so I’m hoping.

Having a nasty cough with asthma really sucks, I am winded very quickly and have to stop for breaths just doing simple tasks at home. Truly, I’m sick of this cough.

Ending on a positive:

  • I got my prescriptions refilled without having to see a new doctor, which gives me a couple of months reprieve from having to make an appointment.
  • Received our new mattress without any issues.
  • Thankful for the shopping area just a short drive from us with a grocery, Walgreens, some small restaurants and a backroad so I don’t need to get on the highway.
  • My new employer is incredibly flexible and patient with my situation.
  • My mother had surgery and came out well and is recovering.
  • My computer is still under warranty and will get fixed/replaced without charge.
  • We are making progress at being unpacked and settled in the home, it’s taking longer than usual but we are getting there.

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