On A Positive Note

A little retail therapy this week produced a string of lighted clips that are displaying my bookmarks much better than the string and tape throw together I had them on previously. I have bookmarks from most of the places we traveled to while living in Europe – and one from Japan.

I will organize this better but it’s a start!

Anticipating a new show hitting Netflix in April, it’s an adaptation of a fantasy series that I just love so much. Shadow and Bone – The Grishaverse. Please please PLEASE do this well!! I’m here for it!


We have a trip planned. We are driving to visit family and will do our best to be safe and distanced from non-family during it which is one reason we decided to drive. We aren’t ready to fly again yet. It will be nice to see them after having our trip last year cut short.

I’m excited for my very awesome friend and hearthsister who is opening a shop May 1st and living her dream.

Lent ends this Sunday and I’m ready for red meat, sausage and bacon from a pig. I’m not Catholic but my husband is and I decided to do this with him to see if we feel any different after 40 days of no red meat/pork. Yeh, I can honestly say I really don’t. Energy seems the same, haven’t lost weight. If anything, we acknowledge that digestion happens quicker, that’s the only significant change we have seen. It did force us to try new recipes and such which was fun. I’m now a falafel maker and will continue making it regularly.

Falafel, I also tried it baked and is excellent that way as well.

So much turmoil, loss and pain this last year, it’s good to acknowledge the positive things.

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