Unexpected Visitors

In the office yesterday a coworker called me into her office and asked if I smelled anything like cologne.  Nope, sure don’t, why?  She had a very strong scent invade her desk area that reminded her of her Father who has passed on.  I said well he’s just visiting you, enjoy it while it lasts.  What a lovely moment.  Her face was calm and rather peaceful for a few moments.

Internally, I was a little jealous.  I haven’t had anything like that in quite a while from my brother.  He used to be in a random breeze or an animal that would keep up with me walking.  Sometimes I’d catch a movement in my peripheral vision when there’s nothing there and just took it to be him.  I acknowledge that some don’t put much weight on things like this and to some extent I think those of us that do believe it do so for our own peace of mind.  It’s our way of keeping them around us.

Time for me to reconnect with the spirits I miss in this world.

Meditation and ritual time this weekend.

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