The Day That Changed My Life

“That’s it!  I don’t want any more serious relationships, I’m going to just have fun from now on.  I’m tired of it all. ”

My new internet buddy just scoffed at my words on Yahoo Messenger and said “yeh right, we’ll see”.  Then he said, “hey what are you doing this coming weekend?  I’m having people over then we are going into the Village for the Mardi Gras street party.  Why don’t you come over and go with us?  Get out of that damn house and have some fun.”

“Hmmm … nah, I don’t know you man but thanks for the offer.”  Was my response.  So, he suggested we meet up for a drink during the week and if I felt ok with him then maybe I’d go on the weekend.  Ok. Sure.  He was safe-ish.  He was married, not looking for a hook up.  He was Navy, not looking for trouble just was chatting with people who were local.  He’d never once hit on me so why not.

We met for a drink and he seemed truly chilled out and not threatening at all.  Over the next couple of days he asked again if I’d go with his friends.  Against every normal instinct (and better judgement) I agreed and went to this guy’s apartment.

There was maybe 6-8 people there, mostly guys, mostly Navy Sailors.  None I found attractive in the least, this was looking up but still was very awkward, I only knew Chad and only barely him even.  I thought “just have a drink and hope we move on to the street party soon”.  Which we did.  Everyone piled in a couple of cars and we headed down to the Village.  They were all friendly and kinda funny, a few were a bit quiet and maybe shy.

Into the Village, the place was loud with music, people, beads, drinks, bars, games, vendors, etc.  We went into one bar and I ended up playing pool with one of the guys and his friend sat and watched, he was quiet and not very friendly but not in a bad way really, just more of a wallflower kind of person.  This was ok…I can handle this and might actually have fun, neither was flirting with me.  A few drinks and a decent game or two later and we were all loosening up and laughing.  We noticed Chad was not around and decided to go find him, nowhere to be found.  Not good.  The one guy I kinda knew and trusted had vanished.

Panic started to set in.  I didn’t have my car, it was parked at his apartment.

The two guys I was with and I rounded up the others and someone had heard that Chad had gotten himself well wasted and somehow had found his way home.  haha! Did he walk?  I don’t know but this group of men must have felt my unease because they (particularly the two I was playing pool with) kept with me and made sure I made it back to my car that night.

The day was February 22nd, 2003 and I am now married to and quite in love with the quiet wallflower who made sure I got home safe.

Best bad decision of my life to go to some guy’s house I barely knew to a party without my own transportation, putting my life in the hands of a group of guys.

I don’t condone other women going to an unknown man’s house alone but I do promote taking a chance in life, see what happens….but do it safely and with better safeguards in place then I did.  This could have turned out very badly and I’m very thankful for the stand up men who didn’t have another agenda in mind that night.  They stepped up and were a great example of a U.S. Navy Sailor.

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