A Rainy Evening

It’s a beautiful rainy evening so I decided to sit outside on the balcony and have a snack of dried apricots and milk and a little Candy Crush on the tablet.  Apparently, in doing this my ears perked up and I was noticing all kinds of sounds.

Crows and Seahawks chatting with each other, wind in the trees and a siren in the distance.  Not an American siren but a European sounding siren, if you know what I mean.  It hit me how much I truly am enjoying living abroad.  While I was taking it all in I soon noticed a smell, it was a very Japanese food smelling odor.  Someone close by was cooking and it smelled wonderful.  I can only guess that’s what it was, perhaps the earth here just smells this fabulous during the rains.  A few moments later I heard the warning chime from the base speaker, Taps was about to play.

Today I love:

  • Being an American.
  • Being an American in another country and experiencing another culture.
  • Being a human being simply enjoying Japan and this very moment of time.

Today, I am happy and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience all of it.

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