First Concert in Japan

When we first found out about his orders to Japan, the husband and I knew we wanted to catch some concerts while here.  So many bands come through Japan, more than I realized actually.  They also have a few rock festivals we will likely catch before leaving.

Last week we experienced our first concert here in Japan.  It was in the Yokohama Arena which is just outside Yokohama, an area we had not ventured to yet so that was interesting.  The Arena was easy to find and very easy to get to.  First take the train to Yokohama then jump to the local subway to the stop we needed.  Only a few blocks to walk to the Arena and we were there.  The crowd was big, we expected that, but we also had a lot of faith in the Japanese organization system we have witnessed over the last year.  (It has been a year !  Can you believe it!)


While we were waiting in that line we noticed the separate line for the vendor booth for purchasing t-shirts, etc.

vendor booth







Needless to say, we did NOT get any souvenirs.

Only a 5-10 minute wait to get in the doors and we were off to find our way around to the right section for our seats.  Easy, well marked sections and the staff were very helpful.  Between sections there was a food vendor booth mostly selling hot buns stuffed with pork, some yakisoba (noodles), chicken on a stick.  We had the bun and chicken before going up to our seats.


We were not expecting much, we bought our tickets late and the seats we got were in the first section (the side of the stage) and the very top row.  We sat down and quickly realized we had pretty damn good seats afterall!  This was going to be great!


Settled in and looking around to take in all of it, the place was packed – probably sold out.  Waiting … waiting… waiting…binoculars out … waiting…

Oh did I fail to mention who we came to see in concert?

eric claptonBAM!  That’s right, we saw Eric Clapton in concert in JAPAN!  It was amazing.  He still kills it.  The most interesting part of the concert was the Japanese crowd.  Mostly very quiet and subdued.  They clapped when they recognized a song but that was about it.  A whistle or yell out every now and then but nothing major and everyone stayed seated….until…about 2 hours in Mr. Clapton started in on “Cocaine” and the crowd on the floor erupted off their seats cheering and whistling, arms in the air for the entire song.  Of course, when the chorus came up they all yelled out “COCAINE”.  It was really quite funny to watch.  This was the one big song they knew of his and it was about a drug and they were yelling it out, just funny to me.

(Not a video from the concert)

It was a great night!  I can’t wait for the next concert – in May…what will it be?  The Brian Setzer Orchestra….you know, the guy from Stray Cats.  He does swing, big band kinda stuff.  Should be a great time and my awesome friend from Connecticut will be visiting that week so she’s coming too!

I’m a little excited, if you couldn’t tell.

8 thoughts on “First Concert in Japan

  1. Brian Setzer is very popular in Japan with the Rockabilly crowd (who like to hang out in Yoyogi Park on Sundays).

    My first concert in Japan was Death Angel in ’91. I have seen Guns ‘N Roses, L.A. Guns, KISS (many times), Aerosmith, Kabuki Rocks, Judas Priest, OzzFest with Black Sabbath, Metallica, et al in Japan.

    I’ve never been to an Eric Clapton concert though (my friend went to that same show you saw though).

    Next, I’ll be seeing Skid Row.

      1. You don’t know?

        Yoyogi Park is near many music colleges. Until the mid ’90s, they entire street in front of the park was closed to cars on Sundays and young bands would line the streets playing their music.

        There were also many other types of groups that would hang out their on Sundays.

        The people who lived in that area complained about not being able to drive on the street on Sundays…so they had to stop closing the road…so these days, the number of groups that hang out their on Sundays in greatly reduced.

        But, there is still a Rockabilly club that hangs out there every Sunday. The guys wear black leather pants and jackets (even in summer!) and have greased hair. The girls wear “poodle skirts”.
        They play Stray Cats, Elvis Presley, etc and dance. All day every Sunday.

        They’ve become well-known even to foreign tourists who gather around them taking videos and photos…and often mistakenly call them “Japanese Elvis impersonators”.

        I’m surprised you didn’t already know about them!

        1. Oh My Goodness! I have to take my husband there. We may have to head that way for lunch this weekend. haha! He will LOVE that! Thanks for the tip!

          Never heard of it.

      2. Just noticed that I mistyped “the” as “they” in that previous comment…and wrote “their” instead of “there” twice.


  2. We are going to have an amazing time! Japan, friendship, laughter, Cale
    Rolling his eyes, music, sights, (did I mention all laughter and friendship???), and of course exposure to a new culture! I’m excited to see you both!!!

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