Tattoo Related – Parents Beware

In full disclosure to my parents, who are very much against tattoos, I am giving a bit of a heads up so you can close or rather not open this post.


Not approved


I’ve had a couple of requests for photos of my tattoos.  First, I will apologize.   I had to get into some strange positions to get photos of some of them so they are a little blurry.  So, without further ado I give you:

The first and third tattoo are together and you can tell they are a bit old.



On right shoulder blade









The upright rose is my first tattoo.. circa 1992 ish?  The second I added after my brother died.



The second tattoo I had done a few years after the first and it is honoring my favorite superhero, Storm



On my left hip









This tattoo bled a lot and you can see some of the ink didn’t stick.  I will touch this up some day.



The fourth I had done the day before moving out after breaking up with my long time boyfriend.  We went together and the blue in it is from the same ink well as the one used for his tattoo being done at the same time. (two different artists of course, hah).  We got back together about a year later and are happily married now.’



Center of my back just below my neckline.









It is a Fleur de Lis to honor his Cajun blood and the family I grew to love and appreciate, I wanted to remember them.



Finally (for now), is the Morning Glory vine.  This is my birth flower, like birthstones we all have a flower.   To me the Morning Glory is truly beautiful, both in color and in it’s duality.  You see,  the seed is poison if ingested.

mg tat


Obviously on my left arm.









I received this tattoo in San Diego just before moving to Japan, end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.


That’s it for now, I’ll be having one done in Japan before we leave.  Likely be an Ume bloom/tree with a Japanese sun behind it on my right arm.



11 thoughts on “Tattoo Related – Parents Beware

  1. Nice one Di, love the heads up for Mum n Dad, mine never approved either (they don’t have a clue about the one in my gravatar) I’ve posted about my first 2 tatts but you’ve gone and reminded me that I’ve yet to finish waffling about the others. So will you get the next one done in the traditional, seriously painful, Japanese way?

    1. Oh no, haha… For one, I wouldn’t know where to find where to get it done, though I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to find. Hmm I may think on that a bit. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain, I may just get a small one done that way. Thanks for the reminder. Nice waffling there eh.

      1. Yeah Di, if you’ve got a reasonable pain threshhold I reckon you should give it a go, it’ll never not be a cool story….maybe even track down some hundred year old national treasure who does it in his hermit cave halfway up a mountain somewhere. And thanks for waffling encouragement, we’ll see what happens next break.

    1. Thanks, I really love it. I got the dark vine with thorns to signify the poison side. Just make sure when you do that you are completely happy with the artist’s work up and devoted to the design. It’s forever.

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