Alien Invasion!



This group I’m with seems a solid, sound team of survivalist and scientist types.  We might just win this fight but for now we need to find a smart place to hunker down, figure out what is going on and formulate a plan.  A few miles away is a disguised nuke plant that just might work.  We head that way and find it set up to be a self sustaining compound which is amazingly good luck.

nuke compound

The compound has several buildings and outside of it lies a neighborhood about a mile away, we’ll have to keep an eye on that area to see if 1.  There are any people that haven’t lost their minds and want to hunker with us and 2.  Any panic happens which will be our sign that Alien trouble is coming our way.  For now, we have a main building where we all claim an office to sleep in, there is a pharmacy of sorts off to the right of the main building and a small convenience store in front.  The nuke buildings are in back and it seems they have been shut down, not really sure why this place seems to be running but no nukes being produced from it, but just thanking our stars right now for coming here.


After a few days we start to settle in and have been gathering goods and weapons into the main building to make it defensible and somewhere we can survive for a long period when I quickly realize I did not grab my medication before fleeing home.  A few of the neighborhood people have started wandering in the area but were deemed not compatible with our group so I’ll have to make my way over to the pharmacy and hope to avoid those disgruntled townies.  I wait till dusk when it seems quiet and start over to the building, no problems.  Get to the door and find it locked.  What?  Apparently, a townie has barricaded himself in the building.  He sees me outside and walks up, looking a bit jumpy and eyeing the area he asks quietly what I need.  I tell him I need Metformin, diabetic and I’ll be in bad shape without it.  He thinks for a minute then turns around.  I think he is going to get it for me, great!  Seems he isn’t a wacko but someone trying to preserve the medication inside.  When he returns there are a few people wandering about behind me, seems their interest has perked up so he quickly opens the door and slips the medicine out to me, just then the townies start to rush us and the door.  I somehow duck out and rush back to the main building and inside only to find he grabbed the wrong medicine.

I hate being imprisoned by meds.
I hate being imprisoned by meds.


He managed to get the door shut and locked before anyone got in.

I brought my issue to the group and it is decided we need to take back our compound and find a way to scare off the troublemakers.


cat scare

Then I woke up.


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