That One Time I Did Drugs

I lived in an apartment complex with my husband and on my birthday decided to go to a friend’s apartment where there were a lot of people gathered.  Music was playing, people were dancing, chatting, laughing or making out. The air was smokey and low lit, it was like a scene from the free love era.


I found my friend and he handed me a bong so I indulged.  Hey it was my birthday, why not.

Next thing I knew he and I were making out and I looked up and my husband had wandered in after seeing the party from the parking lot.  He didn’t mind, he is very confident in my love for him and went to get a drink for himself.

After a while I got up deciding it was time to go, I found him and we got ready to leave.  I said thanks to my friend for the great time and he handed me a birthday bundle.  When we got to our apartment I opened my bundle privately and it was a huge stash of pot and about 10 medicine bottles of… not medicine.





and then I woke up.

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