Friendship Map

I have always had an itch for adventure, specifically moving to new places.  Learning a new town, reinventing myself a little each time.  It makes self awareness and becoming the person I want to be easier because every time I move I can make a change.  Humans tend to settle in when they settle down and that just hasn’t been in my scope yet.

At 42 I still don’t want to settle down to one place yet and it works well that I fell for a career Navy man.  Every three or so years we pick up and move, usually to a new place.


Every time I clear out some things that I have no need for.  Often it’s some clothes, shoes that have wear and maybe some clutter that I have collected for some reason.  It’s energizing to get rid of things, make room for something new and exciting.  Usually, the getting rid of clothes is also some motivation to lose more weight as well although I haven’t mastered how to harness that motivation yet.

The one downside to moving so much is that the friendships that mean the most to me are often very far away and even with amazing technology to keep in touch, it doesn’t quite make up for not having the ability to jump over to a friend’s house when they are in need.  Or just to get some silly time in now and then.

I am missing this right now.  Even if I was not living in Japan, those I consider my close friends are rather scattered across America, mostly South and East.   I have made some friends here in Japan but they are new friends (and awesome) and the history and deep knowing of each other isn’t there yet.  Sometimes I want to hang with the girls who knew me years ago and understand me without further explanation.

friend map

The people I would love to just go have a drink with live in California, Arizona, Connecticut, Long Island, Louisiana and Texas.  There are also some people in Oregon and Washington that I would love to get together with.

Every now and then I can appreciate those who grew up and stayed in the same place, have lifelong friends that still live a few miles away.  Then, I move somewhere new and realize I am living the life I was meant to live and that the friends who stick with me over many miles and sometimes oceans are truly special.

So, to those of you who read the blog I thank you for sticking it out with me over the years and the many moves and transformations (sometimes large, often small) each time.

You are beautiful and I miss you!

It hasn’t escaped me that I am feeling this right around the Spring Equinox.  I’ll be thinking on this for the next few days.  Might be time to strengthen some bonds that have loosened over the years.

5 thoughts on “Friendship Map

  1. I love you! Having you in my life has beena beautiful experience and I look forward to many more years of Skype, visits, laughter, tears and years and years and years!

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