Japanese Progress Fail

Two years living in Japan and I struggled with shopping in town yesterday.  The sales person was patient and we figured each other out eventually but it took a while.  I knew a couple of Japanese words so she said “Oh speak Japanese?”  I said only a little bit, to my embarrassment and dismay.  Several minutes and two sales girls assisting later and I was finally walking to the check out counter.

The one thing I am disappointed in myself with is that I didn’t jump on learning Japanese when we got here. The people are so lovely here it’s easy to get by without learning it, unfortunately.  They probably sneered at me after I left but didn’t indicate any negativity in my presence.

On a side note, I picked up more of those scent bottles for my mother.  🙂  (So, I’ll pop those in the mail soon)  I can’t imagine what they thought about this Gaijin buying so many toilet fresheners.



Spring is definitely here!  Weather is in the 60’s and low 70’s now, there’s usually a good breeze and some rainy days now and then.  The Sakura blossoms are in full bloom and lovely.  Going out to see them Saturday so I’ll likely post about that after.


Also coming up, this Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday) we are going up to Kawasaki to experience the Kanamara Matsuri: Fertility Festival in all it’s penile glory.  Penis everywhere, I’ll be sure to post about that next week.

We are potentially heading to Australia for a week soon too, will update on that when I know more and can talk about it…military confidentiality n such.


We had a change of command here, brought a new Admiral to the group.  He looks like Jason Statham’s slightly older brother.


A good note to end on.

6 thoughts on “Japanese Progress Fail

  1. Exciting stuff! Can’t wait to hear more. As for the language, don’t be so hard on yourself, you have done remarkably well this far, at least you didnt step on the dressing room floor with shoes on! ☺️

  2. I’m sure that they didn’t think anything bad! Usually they are happy that a foreigner is trying to learn the language, rather than just assume that they speak English. Even I still struggle with communicating what I want, like at the pharmacy where I have no idea how to explain what medicine I want!

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the fertility festival, I would love to go myself someday!

  3. The language here is hard! I keep trying, too, but it’s slow going. I hate having to get so much help all the time, but as you said, the Japanese people are almost always so incredibly kind.

    1. I think the only way to really learn it is to be studying it daily and have a few people who will practice with you. It is difficult and would take a long time to learn.

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