Reminded Of An Awesome Wacky Word

This word belongs in the best ever category.  It sounds like a party!


Thanks to Ned for dropping it in the comment!

From Websters:

Full Definition of DOPPELGÄNGER

1:  a ghostly counterpart of a living person

a :  double 2a

b :  alter ego b

c :  a person who has the same name as another

1830, from German Doppelgänger, literally “double-goer,” originally with a ghostly sense.
This is a great site, combines many definition sites to one.  Love it!  Memidex
I don’t get the opportunity to use the word and honestly I wouldn’t think to but when someone drops it, I instantly smile and say “That’s A Great Word!”
P.S.  WordPress I wish you made modifying font size, style and true line spacing available in Visual mode without having to hunt codes down.  I just won’t so my blog is boring.

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