You Have to Get Over Me

It was a double date.

The other girl, one of my oldest friends.  The girl from high school who I hung out with the most, partied with, got into trouble with, got arrested with.  Shenanigans.

Her date was my ex-boyfriend and I wasn’t ready to see that.

My date was nobody distinctive, just a guy, a blur.

We ended up at my ex’s house, Jenny in another room on the phone gossiping with someone, my date in the background somewhere existing, and me and the ex kicking back on his bed just being rather awkward having to be around each other.  He fell asleep and I got up trying to be quiet and got to the couch fumbling with my bag, then I had the urge to tickle his feet.  No idea why but he wasn’t actually asleep, he was looking at me and I knew he had been pining for me since the breakup.

What would come of this night.




No idea, my husband’s alarm went off and I woke up.

Luke, you just have to get over me man.


Image borrowed from:  Luke Rockhold on SportsNet



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