Out of Sorts

October was a very strange month for me.  Starting with fighting a bad cold which had me pretty laid up for about two weeks then just as I was getting back on my feet we decided to go to a movie on the Navy base and the next morning I had pink eye.   Oh and as soon as my pink eye healed the husband got the cold, of course.

I don’t think I’ve ever had pink eye before, it was incredibly uncomfortable and with my poor eyesight anyway, it had me rather handicapped.  I couldn’t read much of anything for a good week or so.  My eyes were so irritated and tired even just catching up on social media was too much let alone trying to read a book.

I haven’t read much of anything in about a month and it has me out of sorts and not feeling myself at all.   Instead I have been binge watching Netflix, for some reason this didn’t bother my eyes at all, in fact it was a good distraction from the irritation.

The cold is gone (except for a random cough but that’s just lingering because asthma) and the eye is healed but I haven’t picked up reading again yet.  It will come again, maybe after the holidays and the great movie watching month coming.

Then of course will be our big move back to America.  We have been working towards that a bit but not as much as we hoped to have by this point because … month of illness.  That said, we have a place on hold in San Diego (it wont be final for a bit yet) so it’s coming together.  The husband’s relief arrived last week and we have been helping him and his family get situated and introduced them to their first Italian style dinner, the crazy driving here, etc.

We drove an hour into the mountain region to our favorite winery to stock up for our move and were treated so well, it was a lovely experience.

Some of the wine we have ready to be packed and shipped to America.

Samhain (Halloween) came and went during my not feeling great time so it was not the big event I had been hoping for.  I wanted it to be much more involved but in accordance with my path I will just roll with it and know it happened that way for a reason.  I am slowly working towards something more structured and powerful in my spiritual journey.

Here come the holidays!  The weather has cooled and the fire is roaring in the hearth, pumpkin spice coffee creamer (yes we are basic like that) is in the fridge and hot apple cider has already made an appearance.

Thanksgiving will be rather uneventful this year as I’m catching a bus before dawn the next day for my trip to Florence/Tuscany so I am going to make some pumpkin bread this week, maybe roast a bird next week, and so on.  We are having a Thanksgiving month, sort of.  Maybe the trip will be a time for catching the reading bug again with the time on the bus and quiet evenings alone in a hotel room.  We shall see.

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