2017 Goals and Thoughts

I am using this space to write out my goals for this year as an add on to my spiritual work that started on Samhain (October 31st) which tends to lean more on the self critical and introspective side of goals.  The New Year is my more practical goal setting time as is for so many.

I don’t think of it as resolutions so much as reminders and focus points.

  • My favorite yoga YouTube lady does her 31 days of Yoga starting January 1st which I did (maybe 3 weeks of) last year and have started again. I have missed a few days due to my own lack of will power combined with spending the weekend in Naples but I’m catching up now.
  • To add to that as every year and every person I need to exercise more, either walking outside and possibly trying to jog/run or finally getting to the gym in town here and joining up.  It isn’t a want it’s a need, my health depends on it.
  • The inner domestic goddess needs to make an appearance this year so I’m setting myself up to get into the habit and practice of daily cleaning of some kind.  I won’t be super strict with this but I’ve been super lazy and that is completely not fair since I’m not working.  The goal is to do some kind of housework every day whether it is a big project or just dusting the downstairs.
  • I will be paying for this blog starting this week since I have used the maximum free space so with that the blog will be changing a bit.  The category list is getting obnoxious so I will be moving things around and streamlining some.  Also, I will try to change the site address but not sure if I can.
  • In the kitchen I am hoping to simply break out the pierogi recipe my mother gave me from my Czech grandmother and make the damn things.  I want to but am intimidated with dough type things for some reason.
  • The spiritual work really starts up (I hope) February 1st which is Imbolc, the returning of the sun, the coming Spring.  I will be planning our balcony planters and small patch of earth.
  • When the weather clears up a bit (a lot of rain lately) I am hoping to explore the areas within a quick train/car ride from us.

That’s about it at this point, I will likely revisit these in a few months to see if I stuck to them, improved or ignored.


P.S.  I started writing this at the beginning of January and in two weeks it has already shown to be a very interesting year.  Bracing for it all.



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