What! No Streamers, Baloons or Kazoos? Cake?

How can it be that a full year has passed since I started this blogging thing?

It’s not that I don’t believe WordPress and it’s little notification, it just doesn’t feel like a year.  When I think back, the blogging started when we found out we were moving to Japan and I had to weed out my trashy romance novel collection.  Now here I sit, in Japan, with a modest but lively and fun little group of 110 followers ( ok many are silent followers but that’s ok 🙂 )  and a great list of people I read who inspire me, make me laugh, think, rethink and give pause almost daily – oh and thanks to one clownish type blogger who has shown me not all clowns are scary.

It has been 5 months in Japan already, time is flying.  We still have a lot of time here but that is quickly being cut down and I’m starting to feel the crunch of wanting to do and see as much as I can in the time we have here.  I slacked off on the learning Japanese and need to re-motivate for that!  It has also occurred to me that I have not driven a car (other than the 90 second test drive to get my license) since February.  Strange.  I think we’ll need to rent a car soon and get our feet wet driving in town.

My Mother will be 80 at the end of this year and Dad is 73.  They are both very mobile and lively still.  Sure, they have aches n pains and now n then I catch some memory loss moments but all in all they are very well for their ages.  All that being said, it has become very real that care for them will be something we siblings will need to consider in the coming years.  I’m not sure how long Dad will be able to continue working and earning income.  He’s building a small business and hopes to retire with selling it in a couple of years.  Also, this year they have been married for 50 years, how’s that for a milestone!

Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension and high cholesterol.  Although I feel some achievement with losing 30 pounds and holding off the diabetes enough to not need insulin injections, I am nowhere near where I thought I’d be 2 years later.  Only half the weight I wanted off was achieved and I fully intended to be off the meds by now.  Not feeling very satisfied with this update.

I also wanted to get more involved in my spirituality but haven’t done much with that yet.  Time to kick my spirit in the ass.

So, in conclusion, I’m going to attempt to use this first year anniversary of blogging on WordPress as a motivator to get my ass in gear, lose the other 30+ pounds left, get my Japanese on and kick these health issues.  I will also attempt do something nice for my parents for their anniversary and hope they are somewhat pleased though I won’t hold my breath on that one.

In short, I need to turn off the television.

2 thoughts on “What! No Streamers, Baloons or Kazoos? Cake?

  1. Congratulations on the one year 🙂 The rest of the stuff will come, health issues always take longer than you think. But you are moving in the direction you want and that is important to remember.

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