The Week of June

Well I managed to survive the week of June without much incident. From Father's Day through the 20th was a tough week and is every year, so much so that the rest of June seems incredibly insignificant. The Solstice came and went without much fuss and to my disappointment. I do this to myself.  My … Continue reading The Week of June

Japanese Snacking Adventure 2

Stopped at the 100 Yen store this time for some sweets. It's right next to our favorite Sushi-Go-Round where we grabbed a couple of to go boxes for dinner. I snuck over to the 100 yen shop for the following:   These little gummy bites are delicious!  I am in love with this candy. It … Continue reading Japanese Snacking Adventure 2

Japanese Snacking Adventure

Just got back from 7/11 - don't laugh, they are not the convenience stores we have in the states.  These are convenience stores to the epic degree.  They have bento box lunches and snacks/candies galore! As stated in an earlier post I am going to try difference snack type things while in Japan.  Most of … Continue reading Japanese Snacking Adventure