Stop Looking At Me!

Dear Fellow American in Japan,

I wish to thank you for the self esteem check you gave me today.

Wait, let me back up.  This morning as I glanced at my wardrobe and considered a few possibilities I thought, hey!  I’ll wear a skirt today, it’s been a while.  I’ll do the pretty thing.  So, I put on my favorite skirt  and my newest favorite blouse that I bought in town in Yokosuka.  Added a nice necklace and an antique-ish bracelet that was my Mother’s, some sandals and headed out the door feeling pretty good.

Had a nice day at work, busy but good altogether and headed home.

I won’t pin point exactly when it happened in case they are actually reading this but I’ll just say between leaving this morning and getting home this afternoon I ran into an acquaintance who when walking up to me, looked me up and down from head to toe and then quickly just said hello.

Who are you to peruse me and make me feel less than adequate by not issuing a compliment after such a lookover?  No, I’m not a super model but my outfit looked really nice.  Notice btw I did not judge you or your choice of what to wear when you left the house.

Now I sit contemplating my taste in clothing and in general self evaluation, wondering if I’m just completely misjudging how I look.

If you are going to check out my outfit in such a blatant manner, do me a favor and at least lie and say nice skirt or something, preferably without a sarcastic tone.

Thank you!



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