Summer Morning in Yokosuka

The husband and I decided to go out into town this morning to find a little something for breakfast and enjoy being out before the heat sets in.  We decided to finally try Tulley’s coffee shop which we have passed by so often but never stopped in before.

When you walk in there is a really cozy lounge area with a fire place and the counter.  The menu is simple, a few baked items and interesting sandwich type things and a nice coffee, tea and juice choice.

I opted for  the flat bread sandwich with leafy greens, pizza sauce and Canadian bacon with a Yogurt and Acai drink.  The “sandwich” was a nice size, not huge and just enough to get me through the morning and walk about we were about to embark on.

The husband chose freshly squeezed (I’m assuming because he said it was really good) orange juice and a breakfast sandwich with cheese and Canadian bacon which he enjoyed but said it was not quite filling him up.

We decided to go upstairs to sit at the window and watch a bit of Yokosuka wake up.  As we sat enjoying our little meal and a nice conversation I watched the flower shop below bringing the flowers and plants out to set up and a delivery truck bringing other plants out.  It was a great way to greet the day.

the site is linked to the photo, were I “borrowed” it from. =)


main floor seating area
main floor seating area
upstairs lounge
upstairs lounge

the husband about to get into his sandwich.
the husband about to get into his sandwich.









We decided to walk around a bit to see if we could find a restaurant we had heard about, it’s supposedly Colombian cuisine and we heard it was quite good.  For future reference.  We walked around town a bit but couldn’t find it so decided to just run to Saikaya for the market in their basement.  Most department stores here have grocery stores in their lower level.  I wanted to grab some fresh fruit and vegetables to try.  We haven’t purchased from town yet.

We found some huge figs and peaches, small eggplant and mushrooms, green beans and bean sprouts to make a salad tomorrow for lunch.  Then we walked around their cooked/prepared food counters to grab something to take home for lunch today.  Wow the choices are amazing and look so interesting.  It was hard to decide!












We chose some fresh looking seafood salads and I grabbed a spring roll.  All was delicious!


It was a nice morning and we headed back home to get a shower and relax a bit.





Oh…during our walk about we stopped in a Family Mart and I picked up a couple of snacks for my weekly snack attack Japanese style!

20130817_123232 20130817_123242











I have no idea what the first one is but looks interesting and maybe bland.  I’m hoping it’s a nice surprise.


The Avocado and Wasabi I could not resist.  Two flavors I LOVE!  I’m trying not to dive in to this bag but not sure how long I can put it off.


Tonight we are going out with a couple of friends to a restaurant we have not been to in More’s City Mall.  We are hopeful but I think our friend might be disappointed with the $10 all you can drink he was told about.  I’m thinking it’s all the soda you can drink…not beer or drinks like he’s thinking. lol  We shall see.

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